"Ina club like.. I see some licks"

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They out here killin us bruh..

Is YOU ready nigga? Eye for an eye an we all blind but ain’t no other way..

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Bitches will fuck ya whole shit up.

Chase the paper not the pussy.

Niggaz will fuck ya whole shit up.

Enough money aint enough money.

Love is cool but it don’t fuckin pay bills.

Some people are only loyal to lifestyles.

Don’t compromise your morals and values for a check.

Don’t let pride get in the way of you getting a check.

Hard work eventually pays off.

Have a plan.

Make sure everybody around you is working.

Consistency is key.

Never stop working.

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if a nigga you on’t know look at your kicks and ask your shoe size you gotta rock him before you get got its protocol

This makes no sense

i envy you and the life you’ve lived bruh

Let me catch this nigga slippin in some heat and he wear a 13. I’ma make this make sense to him.

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As disturbing as shit may be


Do not turn a blind eye.

Be aware.

Be educated.

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Are y’all gon actually do anything about these pussy ass police or jus reblog shit?

Is hot in the 4, CMPD know it’s KOS, if/when that shit ever happen here. I’m just waiting..

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Bottom of the food chain type cats, who go through life tryn not to step on any toes/make any noise..

How’s that living?


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"Yeen bout dat life"

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Pussy & Crime

Keys, zones, nickels an dimes

  • 1 month ago

"Shit, if I was you I wouldn’t try me niether.."

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